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Getting Started with Instant Classroom Tools


Getting Started with Instant Classroom

Instant Classroom will let you create free seating charts for your classroom, as well as randomly draw student names from class lists and make random groups from among your students.

This article will walk you through the basics of getting your class or classes online:

The best way to start is to click Sign Up or Create a Group Now at

Instant Classroom


Give your group a nickname.  Choose wisely, it cannot be changed later!

Instant Classroom


If the name you chose for your group is available, you will be prompted to enter a password, your name, and email address to create the group.

Instant Classroom


You will receive confirmation that your group has been created.

You will also receive an email with your group details.

You can click the link to get started.

Instant Classroom


Instant Classroom


Should you ever forget your password, you can have the site email you a rescue link.

Instant Classroom


Once you sign in, you will see a list of your groups.

You can have as many groups (classes) as you want under the same sign in.

To create a new group, click Create/Import New Group

Instant Classroom

Give your group a name, then enter a name for each student/member of the group.

You can enter up to 100 names.

Instant Classroom

When finished, click Create Class List

Instant Classroom


Once you have created a group, you will see that group on your dashboard with all of the option available for groups.

Read on to learn more about each tool.

Instant Classroom


Seating Chart Tool

The seating chart tool will allow you to arrange your students in whatever configuration you like.

You can drag and drop students into place by hand.

You can also click Shuflle Names to randomly place students.

You can change the size of the desks to accomodate larger groups or add empty desks without names.

Instant Classroom

Be sure to click Save Changes before you finish.

Instant Classroom


Random Name Generator 

There isn't much to know about the random name generator.

It will shuffle the names of your group members differently every time you reload the page.

You can advance to the next name by clicking arrows or hitting the arrow keys on a keyboard.

Instant Classroom


Group Maker

The Group Maker is also relatively simple.

Choose the number of students you would like in each group and the group maker will randomly cluster them together.

You can also choose Distribute to Other Groups to place extra students in other groups so there are no small groups.

Instant Classroom


You can click the pencil and paper icon at any time to add or remove group members.


Photo Management 

You can also add photos to your group so that pictures can be displayed on seating charts and other tools.

You can browse for pictures or drag and drop them onto the box for Step 1.

You can upload multiple images at once.

Instant Classroom


Then you must match the images to names one by one.

Choose a name from the dropdown list, then click Match Photo To Name

Instant Classroom

Once you are done, these photos will show up in your other tools:

Instant Classroom


That's all you need to know (for now)!

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