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How To Play The Jeopardy Style Review


Our Jeopardy stlye review game is designed to be as simple as possible to get up and running for group play.

Here is the least you need to know:

  1. Games are displayed with Category names and point values.Jeopardy Gameplay
  2. Clicking on a square will reveal the question for that square.
    Jeopardy Question
  3. After teams have had a change to answer, click View Answer to reveal the answer.
    Jeopardy Answer
  4. During play, you can tell by the darkened squares which questions have already been viewed.  They are still clickable.
    Jeopardy Gameplay
  5. After each question, you have the change to award or penalize each team for their response to the question
    Jeopardy Score
  6. When all questions have been answered (or time is almost up), click the Final Question button to wrap up.  Each team can then decide how much to wager on the final question.
    Jeopardy Final Question
  7. If this is your game, you can edit by clicking the Click Here To Edit This Game link at the bottom of the game board.
    Edit Jeopardy
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